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Wood & Associates International Ltd. Consultancy Service

W&A Consultancy Service is in response to the demand in China for specialist advice coupled with the abundance of highly specialist knowledge of technology and business practices in the west.

In fulfillment of its mission to connect business partners in Europe and the Americas with those in China and Asia, W&A Group has consistently provided practical advice to Chinese companies on the availability of technology in the west. It has also provided advice to selected and trusted technology suppliers on opportunities that might be available in China.

Recognising the quality of specialist knowledge available to it both in house and from independent external sources, W&A has formed a new Division (W&A Consulting) to provide confidential consulting on the following topics:*

a. Hologram material manufacture involving the use of Fresnel lenses

b. Supply of western holographic foils into the China tobacco market

c. Security features and laminates for photo ID (National and State ID, passports)

d. Use of polycarbonate (PC) in emerging secure ID applications

e. moisture barrier technology for packaging.



Specialist consulting and reports will be of interest to the following market sectors:

1. Hologram manufacturers of foils, laminates and labels

2. The packaging industry especially paper and board manufacturers, printers and converters

3. Government and State organizations involved in the design and issue of secure documents






Laminates with high quality embossed

Fresnel lenses for packaging

High quality stamping foil imported from

Europe for China tobacco packaging

Emerging application of

Polycarbonate substrate for ID cards

and electronic passports

Next generation photopolymer

laminates for photo ID protection

Eco friendly, printable layers for increase

shelf life of package products