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We are a consulting, sales and marketing organization within the security printing industry. We also offer international business development servicesfor the packaging and secure printing industry in purchasing, processing and sales.

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W&A  attended Secure Document World in London, 9-11 June 2015.  - Jun 09, 2015

W&A will be attending the Tax Stamp Forum in Miami, 11-14 November, 2015.  - Jun 08, 2015

W&A successfully created their latest Fresnels Lens Master on Jun 06,2015.  - Jun 07, 2015

W&A will be attending and helping to organise The Holography Conference in Shanghai 02-04 December.  - Jun 02, 2015

W&A  CEO Dr. Wood will give a speech in The Holography Conference, the topci is: UV EMBOSSING-NEW GENERATION OPTICAL SURFACES FOR PACKAGING. - Aug. 08, 2015