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Fresnel technology for packaging and security 

Photopolymer Technology

W&A has been working with emerging photopolymer technology for 4 years.

As applications become apparent in the areas of document security, optical elements, packaging enhancements etc, we have encouraged the development of competitively priced Chinese photopolymer products for export to international markets.


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W&A Investments 


W&A is in a unique position to identify and facilitate the formation of joint-ventures, strategic alliances and international partnership opportunities with Chinese companies on behalf of private sector investors.


In exceptional cases, W&A International will use its own resources to support and build business opportunities using Chinese manufacturing resources.


A recent example is the use of origination and recombination facilities in the west to support modern embossing and casting facilities in China with a view to supplying global brands with innovative packaging materials. These materials make use of state-of-the-art effects to combine eye-catching features with anti-counterfeit security for brand protection and product enhancement.